Revolutionary, Patent Pending, Concealed Carry Clothing

As a 30-year Cop and Master Holster Maker, I have always worked to create the perfect way to carry concealed.  Working Vice, I used to ace bandage my pistol to my leg and it was never detected, but difficult to access.  With that in mind I created the perfect concealed carry clothing system, American Tactical Apparel.  The Underguard™ Holster is like a SWAT thigh rig except it's worn underneath the clothing.  Full size pistols are comfortable to carry and go completely undetected yet provide a high speed draw through the access zipper.  Now you can carry concealed with style, with your shirt tucked in, and rest assured no one will know that you are carrying but you.  And when you need it, you’ve got it… Fast!  Well Dressed, well armed in American Tactical Apparel.

–Brian Hoffner